Friday, April 9, 2010

Let’s Be Honest: Insecurity

Let's be honest with ourselves, and I mean truly honest.

We've all been at a place where we have felt insecure right?

Insecurity may cause more problem to some that others, but my guess is at one time or another we have all had problems with our security.

I know I have, and many I call friends have. Even the greatest, and most beautiful have, if we look at the lives of even the most beautiful, the most popular we can see insecurity.

Actresses and actors hooked on drugs, famous people committing suicide.

Insecurity has become a real problem. And if we don't address the problem it is going to continue to destroy lives literally.

There is hope though, hope in Christ.

In her book so Long Insecurity Beth Moore says this:

God knows we are insecure but we do not need to be. And He will not leave well enough alone. He has enough security for those of us who call Christ Savior. He slipped his own secure spirit within our simple jars of clay." Beth Moore So Long Insecurity Pg 143

We in this generation have perhaps more that can cause us to be insecure than the generations before us. We are inundated by media images, of what perfect is, we are constantly told we are to fat, to thin, or to whatever, to tall, to short, our hair is not the right color, we aren't wearing the right brand of shoes, we don't have the newest electronic gadget, but in no way should those be the things that feed our insecurity, yet they do.

When we embrace Christ though, when Christ is our Savior that is the place where we can truly find our security.

Now's the time to be honest, what has made you insecure and how has your relationship with the Lord changed that insecure feeling that once swallowed you whole?

Michelle R Kidwell


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