Saturday, April 10, 2010

He Could Not Silence Her Even In Death

Sunday April.11 is Holocaust Memorial Day, and I for one believe it is important that we take a time to remember what Hitler put so many through during his reign of terror, that we stop and reflect on just how blessed we are to not be living through what was lived through in the Holocaust, but the sad fact is even today, ignorance and Hatred exist, and I am sure it always will, but in third world companies it is so bad, that children are forced to fight in war. The LRA reared its ugly head and Uganda taking the lives of many children, and forcing them to kill.

As a Christian, I believe in showing others the love of Christ, and the power of forgiveness, but I also believe that the Lord will have his time with others, and men like Hitler have found their punishment in the fiery pits of Hell. There is no way to sugar coat that man's evil, and there is nothing to admire about a man who thought he could wipe out an entire people, sadly he nearly did, but there were those who at the risk of their own lives fought for those that were persecuted.

Miep Gies, who died earlier this year, is perhaps the best known of the "Helpers." To the Frank family and a woman who saw wrong and was not going to sit idly by.

Every day she risked her life, as she went into the Secret Annex to bring the Frank Family food and news, she knew the dangers, and she knew that if she was caught she would face the same punishment that those who were Jewish or imperfect in any way did. Hatred consumed Hitler at every end, but women and men with a bravery like Miep Gies, gave a glimmer of hope.

Unfortunately two and a half years into hiding, someone told the Gestapo about the Franks and everyone living in the Secret Annex was taken to Concentration Camps, Anne Frank and her Sister Margo were taken to Bergen Belsen where they both died of typhus Anne Frank died only three weeks before they were liberated.

Otto Frank was the only survivor out of the secret Annex and he committed his life to getting his youngest daughters diary's published, because it had been her dream to one day be a rider.

Her dream was released after her death, and to this day the Diary of Anne Frank is one of the most read books in the world. Hitler's evil, and his evil empire could not silence a young girl even in death, and other stories were told, because of the bravery of a young girl who confided everything in her Diary Kitty, and because of Miep Gies who picked up the diary after it had been thrown on the floor of the Annex when the Gestapo men took them away.

It is stories like this, true stories, that remind us, that evil exists, but there is greater power in love, and courage…

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