Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Author Blog Tour: Mike Delosso

1:) When did you first start writing?I started writing September of 1998. I remember like it was yesterday, where I was, what I wrote, and the emotions surrounding it. Those "early days" of writing are some of my fondest because I was truly writing just for the love and freedom and expression of putting words on paper unhindered. I was exploring my new freedom and was totally uninhibited.
2:) What prompted you to put words to paper?It's a unique story, actually. I never really liked writing. It was not something I enjoyed and "always wanted to do." In September of 1998 my brother-in-law was in a very serious motorcycle accident, wound up in a deep coma, and was not given a promising prognosis at all (death or persistent vegetative state). My wife and I (living in PA) travelled to Albany, NY to visit my sister and Darrell in the hospital and when we got home I was so full of a hodge-podge of emotions I thought I'd burst or do something very extreme. So I did the only thing I could think to do--grab a pen and pad of paper and start writing. And you know what? I haven't stopped since. I've always struggled with stuttering and when I put that pen to paper and started pouring out my heart I found a voice, a fluent voice, I never had before. It was all very liberating. It was freedom. I know it sounds a bit melodramatic but that's because it was and why I remember the day like it was yesterday. Oh, and by the way, Darrell pulled through and is just fine now. Praise the Lord.