Monday, April 5, 2010

Book Review Angel Train By Gilbert Morris

Copyright 2009

Are you ready to go on a journey back to the mid nineteenth Century, the days of Wagon Trains, long before the modern convinces of today. A devout Religious community in Pennsylvania picks up roots and heads to Oregon when economic recession threatens to tare this community apart. A young girl named Charity Morgan plays a pivotal role in convincing her Father to make this journey despite his misgivings, because the Lord speaks to her in a dream, and the message is confirmed through her Father. The journey by no means is going to be an easy one, they will face loss, and trials unlike anything they have ever faced, but despite all that they will also have moments of celebration.

When during the journey Cholerea affects members of the wagon train, they face more loss, and more questions, but despite this all, many members of this group survive.

If you are ready for an adventure to the days of Wagon Trains and month longs journey west, Angel Train is highly recommended…

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