Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What About Me

This has been a time of reflecting, reflecting on who my true friends are and what truly matters in my life.
I try to be a good friend, but lately certain friend(s) make me feel like I have the plague or something, someone to be avoided at all costs.
Don't get me wrong I have some great friends, and I am blessed, but lately I am being made to feel like I am the bad friend, the only one with issues and well frankly its getting old.
Like I said this does not refer to all my friends, because I have friends who have been there for me through the trials and the struggles, when I felt like my walls were crumbling around me they were there to cheer me up, but you know it does not take a much for a friend to crush your spirit, even if they are not meaning to.
I am not by nature a selfish person, but there are times that I need others, that I need friends to see that I am only human and yes that in fact my feelings do get hurt, like I said the majority of my friends would never intentionally hurt me, but I have seen how spiteful some people can be, and it really hurts.
Don't get me wrong I understand people get busy, bu that is not what I am talking about at all, I am talking about being ignored completely, treated as if I don't exist, or being belittled. Being made to feel as if somehow your not worthy. Not all friends, but some do this, and it does hurt.
I try to be a good friend, but truth be told certain friends seem to think that I am nothing but rude and well its getting old...And people wonder why I have been feeling down?
I've been spending alot of time keeping to myself thinking these things over, and am trying my best to give it to the Lord but the truth is I am tired of being hurt, by the very ones who are supposed to care.
Copyright Michelle R Kidwell