Friday, July 8, 2011

It Doesn't Seem Fair (Casey Anthony Verdict)

I don't know about you but the Casey Anthony Verdict sickened me. Shouldn't Caylee be allowed to rest in peace, but how is she going to do that, with her killer walking free, and even if her Mother did not kill her shouldn't she have reported her missing, who in their right mind goes a month without reporting their child missing? I am not a parent, but I would like to think if I were a parent I would want to do something right away, I would fight for that precious child.

It seriously sickens me that someone will not pay for this crime at least on this side of Heaven.

But doesn't the Lord say vengeance is mine, so I am sure she will face her judgment for her part in this.

Rest in Peace Caylee, you Deserved Better.

God Bless


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Balancing My Two Passions, (Writing and Publishing, Children's Ministry)

I guess sometimes even the best intentions fail right? I am writer, so writing a blog should not be that difficult and in concept it is not, but perhaps it is because I feel more comfortable in a land of fiction, where I have a little more control over my characters. And perhaps it is because I am dividing my time between two passions, working with Children at my church, (my faith pays a key role in what I write, and why).

I have for as long as I can remember been an avid reader, a good book, and I am a happy camper, but sometimes technology does get in the way, you know the blessing and curse of it all? Don't get me wrong I love, love, love my computer and could not have six going on seven books published without it. The seventh, Shadows From Our Past, the fourth and final book in The Marishka Tanya Alexei series, should be ready for release around the first of September, I know it is fast.

I am still writing though, currently on a wip called The Price I Pay, another Christian Mystery, because that is the genre, that I most often feel comfortable in writing, though I do try my head at Ya, and I have had books of poetry, and non fiction published as well, all for the Grace of God.

The Children are a joy to work with though, the pic below was actually taken by a preschooler with a vtech camera, got to love that they make digital cameras for kids LOL!

Back to the writing though, I have written the prologue and the first chapter in The Price I Pay, I have an idea of the direction I want it to go in, but not an exact clear picture, so I guess I will wing it LOL!

In Christs Love

Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm Here For You (For Amy)

I'm here for you

The way you were for me

In those early days

Of childlike faith

When I felt stuck between

A little girl lost

And a girl coming of age

Finding herself

Finding her faith

You never judged me

You just loved me

And now it's my turn to repay the favor.

Your Daddy is gone

A good man for sure

A great man more aptly put

But I'm here for you my sweet

Friend who was always there

When I needed her.

The way you listened as I told

You secrets from my past

To painful to talk about

But you were one of t he first

I opened up to

And you assured me

Nothing I could do made me deserve that

Kind of treatment.

You were the friend

That would go out of her way

In those early days of faith

To make sure I had a ride for church

And a friend to pray with

Eventhough you were raising a young family

Of your own.

And your Daddy was a great man

One I trusted easily and completely

Not easy for me

But he just had a way about him

Christ shinning through

The way he'd just hand someone

Money because he felt it pressed

Upon his heart

Didn't matter he had his own suffering

He still shined Christ's love.

I'm here for you my friend

The way you were for me.

I can honestly say

I would not be the person

I am today

If it were not for you.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


2:47 P.M PST