Thursday, April 15, 2010

Book Review: From a Distance Tamera Alexander

Book Title From A Distance

Author Tamera Alexander

Copyright 2008

Elizabeth Westbrook travelled from Washington D.C to the Colorado Territory, to take photographs for a Washington Paper, she wanted to secure her place as a photographer for the paper, and she hoped the cool dry air would cure her mysterious lung ailment.
Elizabeth hires an assistant when she gets to Timber Ridge a former slave named Josiah, an unlikely paring perhaps but Josiah is a quick learner and quickly becomes a person Elizabeth can trust despite the things being said about him.
She also meets a former Confedorate sharpshooter who acts as a guide to help her on some of her trips to photograph, bur when her equiptment is vandalized, she begins to wonder if this entire trip was a waste of time and effort. In the 1870's women were still having trouble finding any place in a professional sense, and women photographers were rare, but Elizabeth was determined to show the world just what she saw in her lenses.
From a Distance will take you on a fun and educational journey, and it will show you that some things are not always as they seem. If you are in the mood to travel back in time, with a woman ahead of her time, you will enjoy From A Distance.

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