Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rhyme Or Reason (A Political Blog of Sorts

I am currently in the middle of reading Ann Coulters book If Democats had Any Brains They'd Be Republicans, she once again brings some valid points, but the way she brings them about can be maddening at times. I have for awhile now admired Anne Coulters guts, in the ways she speaks about things, but when she calls Katie Couric the equivallent tot Hitlers Wife, I grow upset. I do not believe as Christians we should stoop that low.One area I do agree with her is in the are a of abortion, we really can not sugar coat the fact that a baby is being murdered. I have reasearched what happens in abortions because I often write about what the baby and what the Mother go through and when a baby is being aborted, the chances are they are going to feel pain, because the pain receptors that come along as the pregnancy progresses are not there yet, so we can imagine how it would feel to us, and intensify that by about a hundered.In the book I also found a quote she used that I liked about President Bush, like her I am Conversavtive and a Christian and I support Preseident Bush, although I do not think I could ever say some of the things she says, at least I hope I never get to the area where I do, that's not what Christ asks of us, but I digress, this qhote however hits the nail head on."President George W Bush is evidently the first mentally retarded person to get a Harvard M>B>A graduate from the U.S Air Force Flight School, be elected governor of Texas and be elected president of the United States Twice."The truth is far to often President Bush is judged as something he is not for the mistakes he has made, instead of being looked at for the things he has achieved.Copyright Michelle R KidwellNov.27.07