Tuesday, April 13, 2010

God’s Grace Was There

I am often reminded of Christ's love in the everyday things I do, and it is an amazing love, even when I am feeling like the weight of the world is on my shoulder, I know I can lean on Jesus.

As a Christian I know I am not perfect, but Jesus' blood bought me forgiveness of my sins, does that mean I just go around sinning, because I know I am forgiven, no of course, not because that is not the way it works, we learn from our mistakes, and when we know we've done wrong we ask for forgiveness.

"for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus."- Romans 3:23-24

No one but Christ himself was free of sin, but that does not mean as Christians we go around intentionally sinning, and it does not mean we go around judging everyone, because that is certainly not our place, like everyone else, I weigh the facts, and I look at the different sides of things then I state what I am feeling, my feelings are often based on the facts or the things I have experienced, but my faith is so much stronger than even my emotions, because even when I am an emotional wreck, I know somewhere deep down that the Lord is there, that no matter how emotional I am feeling the Lord is there for me.

The fact is the Lord has seen me through things I would not have gotten through on my own.

The lost of loved ones, including my best friend, who died when she was only thirty six, and other looses that weighed heavy on my heart, but I rest comforted in the fact that they are resting in the arms of Jesus.

I am reminded of the ways he has touched my life, and the ways he has brought gifts into my life. Gifts that perhaps in the end were simply there to teach me to lean on him, even when I have lost people, even when people ultimately ended up hurting me, I knew that the Lord's hand was still evident, despite the pain I was feeling, I knew somewhere God's Grace was there.

Through rejection, and hurt, through illness, and disability, through struggles I can still see his grace.

In the laughter of a child I can still see his grace.

I look at things differently now than I did before I came to Christ, and the fact is I believe I am a better person, not the shy timid, scared girl I once was, not the one looking for answers where no answers lay, but I see Christ, in the simple things, and I embrace the small gifts in life. And the fact is because of God's Grace I have better been able to deal with my weakened muscles, in a way it has taught me to lean stronger on the Lord.

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