Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where Does Self Pity Get You

I've discovered in life, that spending to much time in self pity is just a waste of energy that can be used elsewhere, I was born with hip displacia, Jaundice, and a slight curvature of the spine, later on I would be diagnosed with Dyslexia, and more recently the doctors gave me a life changing possiblity, I likely have a Neuromuscular disorder, two of my cousins are in a wheelchair from a neuromuscular dystrophy, but by the Grace of God, I am able to walk, sometimes with the aid of AFO's, instead of focusing on the things in my life that are hard though, I have learned to look at the immense blessings, that are in my life, and it is through the grace of God, I am able to do that...

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