Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On Pause or On Fire

As I reflect on todays Bible Study, (we had to postpone a couple of days because Lisa could not come Thursday) I find myself thinking on how some believers feel they can put their faith on Pause, which is stepping into dangerous territory, it can lead to spirtual blindness and following the ways of the world, some of us tend to think we can have one foot in the world, and one foot in the life of faith, and if we continue to live like that we are truly going to fall.Spirtual blindness is a dangerous territory to step into, and as I read from one of Janet Perez Eckles blogs I realized that physical blindness can be overcome, but if we continue to live in Spirtual blindness we are doomed, we need to live our life, our faith, on fire, instead of living it on pause...Maybe the fact that we live in a society that puts the dollar in greater reverence, than the creator, has something to do with so many of us walking with those spirtual blind folds on. I'd rather live my faith on fire, than on pause...

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