Friday, April 10, 2009

A Life Unveilled

Friday, April 10, 2009 Currently Relentless By Natalie Grant see related A Life Unveilled I believe in being upfront, so here it goes. I am a thirty one year old Christian, who is proudly a Conservative, I do not believe in Abortion, but before you get me wrong, I also do not believe it is my place to judge. We all have our own issues to deal with, so if someone has had an abortion I am not here to condemn them. Jesus said "He Without Sin Cast the First Stone." I would be unable to cast that stone, I am sorry to say. I work with the Children at my Church part time, and I am a full time Author, my fourth book A Sister's Justice released this year, by the Grace of God, a five year project paid off, praise the Lord. I also happen to have Muscular Dystrophy, but please don't think I want you to know this because I seek pity, because what good does Pity do? We all have our own crosses to bare right? I have a twelve year old niece who I pray will grow up with a faith in the Lord. I am so blessed to be part of her life. The fact that I am here is a miracle, I have had so many near misses, but the Lord has always pulled me out of that danger. I was blessed to meet Amy Grant and Vince Gill once, and at that time all worries about my health vanished, I was living a dream come true. They are both very nice and down to earth. I use my words to serve the Lord, to share my views. Another thing I must tell you is by no means do I seek to be politically correct, that is just not me, I am going to say what needs to be said, and say it plain and career. Well I guess that's a start, thank you for stopping by. In Christs Love Michelle

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