Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Healed? Made Whole? Called Home?

Healed? Made whole? When that doesn't happen sometimes we grow frustrated, or are made to feel guilty because we aren't healed. Maybe a well meaning friend, or even head of church, tells us some sin is blocking us, that the Lord isn't healing us because of that.I don't believe that is always the case though, sometimes the Lord uses us even in our weakness, sometimes that weakness is what draws us closer to Him.I tend to take offense, (Maybe I shouldn't) when someone tells me that sin was blocking healing, because then I get to thinking about my dear friend who died, who suffered so much in her life, and I know that what she went through was not some kind of punishiment, instead what she went through made her stronger spirtually, it made her lean on Him more.The way my own condition makes me lean on Jesus more than before. In my sickness I found strength, and I find it everyday.There are moments when I questioned whether some sin, something in my life was blocking my own healing, and then I read so many stories of so many other Christians who had suffered far worse than I, and yet they remained, strong, steadfast in faith, and I find that sometimes it is in my own weakness that I am strongest.I know too that one day, I will receive that ultimate healing, that I will be Called Home to glory, a body made whole, my Spirit carried to the Lord!

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