Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm Here For You (For Amy)

I'm here for you

The way you were for me

In those early days

Of childlike faith

When I felt stuck between

A little girl lost

And a girl coming of age

Finding herself

Finding her faith

You never judged me

You just loved me

And now it's my turn to repay the favor.

Your Daddy is gone

A good man for sure

A great man more aptly put

But I'm here for you my sweet

Friend who was always there

When I needed her.

The way you listened as I told

You secrets from my past

To painful to talk about

But you were one of t he first

I opened up to

And you assured me

Nothing I could do made me deserve that

Kind of treatment.

You were the friend

That would go out of her way

In those early days of faith

To make sure I had a ride for church

And a friend to pray with

Eventhough you were raising a young family

Of your own.

And your Daddy was a great man

One I trusted easily and completely

Not easy for me

But he just had a way about him

Christ shinning through

The way he'd just hand someone

Money because he felt it pressed

Upon his heart

Didn't matter he had his own suffering

He still shined Christ's love.

I'm here for you my friend

The way you were for me.

I can honestly say

I would not be the person

I am today

If it were not for you.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


2:47 P.M PST

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