Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Power to Reach Hearts With The Written Word

Last summer I was preparing My sixth book, my third Mystery published in the Marishka Tanya Alexei series for publication, and now I find myself preparing the fourth and what I perceive to be the final book in this series. I have journeyed with this family for a long time, writing about them long before I published any stories or novels to do with them, and I am sure you will hear from them again, but if my feeling is right, there are going to be other projects to focus on.

The working title for this book is Running For Our Lives: Subject to change at authors or publishers discretion of course, but for now that is what I am calling it. I somehow manage to find a few spare moments to write, in the sometimes hectic pace of my life. But as they say a writer is not only writing when they are sitting at a desk with a laptop but they are writing when they are living life. Staring out a window can be a moment of inspiration for an author.

I do not know where this series will take me but I do pray that in someways it reaches its readers. Writing to me has always been about that, reaching and witnessing, because when I write my faith is evident, but I am not trying to shove religion down anyones throat because my faith is not a religion it is a relationship. I am not going to tap dance around the truth in my books but neither am I going to shove beliefs down anyones throats, but I do pray that in someway my writing reaches others, that somehow the good Lord is using my words to reach hearts..

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