Thursday, May 19, 2011

Are Parents Being Heard

I went with Fran to Mikeys open house today, and it seemed like what was concerning Fran, Mikey's Mom the most was being glossed over. She would point out a concern, a kid that constantly picks on Mikey until he is to the breaking point, and everything but the issue would be dealt with?

My nephew is ten, and a very smart young man, but he has some learning issues and is in Special Ed, still he reads well, and is intelligent. But how can a child learn when they are being picked on till the point of snapping? And having a teacher not really acknowledge the issue, or just gloss over it, really isn't that helpful.

Shouldn't the teacher listen to what the parent has to say?

I for one think they should especially if it is affecting the childs ability to learn.

In Christs Love

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