Friday, January 21, 2011

Finding Star (A Hard Story to Tell)

Have you ever felt God telling you to write a story, but finding your heart tugging with each scene you wrote?

I feel that way about Finding Star?

How does one write about such abuse endured by a child without feeling emotionally drained after doing so?

Even though this story is fiction sadly abuse happens, and that is what makes this story so hard to tell, while at the same time making me feel the calling to write it.

I am only about seven pages into Finding Star now, but I am sure it will expand in time.

I was actually given this story, in a very vivid and real dream, and have had a couple of others since then that have led to more scenes in this story.

It is not an easy story to tell, but one I feel God has asked me to tell, so I know that he will give me the strength to write this very difficult piece of fiction.

In Christs Love

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