Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What The Things of Christmas Symbolize to Christians

It's that time of the year again, Carolls are being sung, Santas are lining up at Malls, Trees are going up, and Nativitiy scenes, Candy Canes are popular items once again, but what do these things symbolize to those of us who believe?

The Candy Canes shape, is that of the Sheperds staff, and the colors red and white symbolize his blood and his purity:

The wreath is in the shape of the circle because it has no begining and end, just like God's kindgom has no begining and no ending. (Revelation 1:8)

The lights represent Jesus, because he is the light of the world! (John 8:12)

The Holly represents the Crown of thorns!

The Star is to mark the place where Jesus lay.

The Christmas Tree Symbol of the Jesse Tree the symbol of David's Father Jesse. It is from Christ's earthly Lineage. (Isaiah 11:1-2)

Santa Claus was actually based on Saint Nicolas Arch Bishop of Asian Minor in the Third Century he tossed coins of gold to the needy people in his area. His feast day is celebrated December.6 but Jesus is the only one who can give us the greatest gift of all ETERNAL LIFE!

The Christmas colors of red (representing Christ blood shed for our Sins John 19:34)
Green represents eternal life
White the Purity of Christ
Gold The Kingship and Royalty of Christ

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