Saturday, October 20, 2007

How Your Blog Can Help You Land a Book Deal

I have been keeping a blog for a couple of years now, and althought it has not given me a book deal it has helped publicize the books I already have published. I have foound that myspace can be used, but I am partial to a Christian blog site I belong to that has opened up new doors for me, and it has helped me to see the joy of blogging. I believe keeping a regular blog is crucial if you are an author, because it shows whats going on in your writing, it gives you a chance to post teasers, and network with other authors, as well as anyone who is interested in reading your book and that could lead to more book sales. Blogging can be almost addicting, and I know I have enjoyed not only posting teasers for my books, but ancidotes from the kids I work with in church, as well as my Nieces and Nephews. When I first began my journey as a blogger I didn't know what I was getting into, I was almost afraid of blogging at first, but now it seems like it has become second hand, it has helped me in my writing, and helped me through the grief of loosing the best friend who was like a sister to me. I know that my blogging buddies offered me encouragement through that, and have offered me encouragement for my writing as well. Keep Writing and Keep Blogging...;_ylt=AhRd8AT_U8_tAOFGFtni9Uq0AOJ3

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