Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Life Has A Way

I find myself sitting here taking the time to blog something i have not done in far to long. My life has seemed to went in a tail spin alot of good, some bad, but the Lord always has a way of working on us when we need to be working on and bringing the people into our lives that we need to have in our lives.

The last thing I posted on blogger was in April and since then alot has happened, I have a new book out, a good friend, a brother in the Lord passed away, and the Lord has sent me a new sister of my heart, and my friend Fran and I are once again close friends, like sisters, its important to keep friends like that, hard to believe we've been friends since she was four she is twenty nine now.

A few days ago I turned 32 and a couple of days after that my friend and I spent a few hours together which was nice, like I said the Lord has a way of brining the people into our lives that we need.

I am working on researching for a new publisher and am devouring Writers Market 2010.

In Christs Love

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