Monday, February 28, 2011

Preadator: Terri Blackstock: A Review

Terri Blackstock
Copyright 2010

Twenty Five Year Old Krista Carmichael does not want to believe her fourteen year old Sister is dead, murdered by someone who was stalking her on a social network called GrapeVyne, but when she is called to idenitfy the body of a girl partially buried in the woods there is no denying what has happened. When she looks at her Sisters Grapevyne Page she is surprised at how easy her Sister made it, by posting personal information for everyone to read, and it quickly turns into a crusade not only to find her sisters killer but to educate others of the danger of telling to much on Social Networks. The Crusade leads her to Ryan Adkins the creator of Grapevyne which he started in his college dorm.

When another young woman is attacked raped and nearly killed and her roomate killed it leads both Krista and Ryan into action to find the Predator, the one who is out trying to stalk and murder innocent women, but the path can lead them both into danger.

Will they discover the killer before its to late, or will the killer target them?

Definitely a book that I recomend we read, and have young adults read, because though fiction it deals with very real issues, and gets you to thinking about the way you act on Social Networks!!!

God Bless

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be Done With the Nit Picking Lets Start Living Like Christians!!!

Why is it so often we are quick to judge?
Didn't Christ call us not to judge, and I am not talking about pointing out right from wrong, because that is not judgment, judgment is treating someone differently for the mistakes they make or the things they have done wrong or simply judging becase of something they could not help.

We judge others because they do things that we might not do, but again is that really our place.

I mean there are some things that are clearly wrong and should be punished, but is it really helpful to point out everyones smallest fault, there every mistake?

I believe we should point out right and wrong of course, but I do not believe we should beat a person down until they feel like there is no way they are worthy, because the fact is it is not about worth, it's about love.

The love that put Jesus on the cross for us.

God Bless