Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be Done With the Nit Picking Lets Start Living Like Christians!!!

Why is it so often we are quick to judge?
Didn't Christ call us not to judge, and I am not talking about pointing out right from wrong, because that is not judgment, judgment is treating someone differently for the mistakes they make or the things they have done wrong or simply judging becase of something they could not help.

We judge others because they do things that we might not do, but again is that really our place.

I mean there are some things that are clearly wrong and should be punished, but is it really helpful to point out everyones smallest fault, there every mistake?

I believe we should point out right and wrong of course, but I do not believe we should beat a person down until they feel like there is no way they are worthy, because the fact is it is not about worth, it's about love.

The love that put Jesus on the cross for us.

God Bless

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