Sunday, November 6, 2011

From The Land of Nanowrimo 2011

I dont know who else is with me, but I am taking part in this years Nano, making this year six or seven for me.  Somewhere along the lines I lost count, but so far so good.  I am on day six and nearly at 18k so far I think I am ahead of schedule and praying it continues.  I would like to reach the halfway mark by Tuesday.  For a total of 25k.  I took part last year as well, but got a late start because I was so busy with other things, but this year I decided to jump in head first, and I am doing just that.  I am somehow managing.

I am writing a YA novel this year for Nano last year, and I believe the year before were both Mysteries, because that is what I generally write Christian Mystery.  But The Scent of Summer (The working title was beckoning, so this is the story I am telling.

I hope my fellow Nanowrimers, are having a sucessful 2011 writing journey.  And may you all have a blessed Holiday Season

In Christs Love

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