Friday, May 14, 2010

Front Page Love Paige Lee Elliston

Book Two in the Montana Skies series:
Copyright 2006

A drought has crippled the town of Coldwater for the past year and a half. Julie a reporter for the local paper and is trying to help others with her column. She wants to show the affects of what a one and half year drought has done to this community, a community of many ranchers. But in getting to the story, she visits a town bar, that she believes has been serving a minor, but even writing this story can cause her trouble. In the midst of all of this she realizes she is falling in love with the town vet, who supports her.

The story though continues to cause her trouble, especially when the Chief of Police, the very one who is supposed to protect her, tries to hurt her, because he is friends with the bar owner...

Once again Paige Lee Elliston draws me into the characters life, and does a wonderful job of painting a very vivid and clear picture...Another book I highly recomend

Happy Reading!

Michelle R Kidwell

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