Monday, September 1, 2008

What You Don't See


I am disabled and though some of the disability is visible, a good part of it you can not see, and I have had people look at me as if I were "faking it" or making to much out of it, when the truth of the matter is I am disabled, I have something wrong with me, but who doesn't. I find strength in my faith though, for years I went from doctor to doctor, seeking answers, even had one tell me "It's all in your head", but when I finally found a decent doctor after tests, they saw that I was not lying or pretending, that in deed I have something wrong with me in the physical sense and when I finally found a doctor who listened, who ran the necessary tests, and had a preliminary answer a NMD, (Neuromusuclar disorder)and steps were taken to make sure I had what I needed, AFO's (Braces that Support Weak ankles) prescriptions for pain, and spasms, as well as other things, and yet through it all I have been told I am strong, and I continue to be active, because though my muscles may be betraying me, my mind is still active, and i am blessed to still have the ability to walk, which is no small thing with a NMD, I have learned that no matter what others say when my body tells me its time to rest, I better take heed and listen though, so I have learned that if I want to lead an active life, if I want to continue to work with the kids at the church, if I want to continue to spend time on my next book, and working for my dear friend, and have my weekly Bible Study with my friend Lisa, I better listen to what my body is telling me, and not pay attention to those who look at me as if somehow I am faking all this.In Christs LoveMichelle~

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