Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcoming in a New Year 2012

I woulds like to thank all of my friends and readers for their support in my writing, and in my decisions in general, I may not always be perfect but I am trying to lead the best possible life I can.

I hope this year finds you all blessed and happy!! And I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  2012 is only moments away here on the west coast, but for some of you it has already come, and I pray it has come with many blessings.

2011 was a year of letting go for me, letting a friend who was dragging me down go, and sadly losing friends far to young to death, but it was also a year of learning to embrace life more, to enjoy it, to the fullest.  Which is my prayer for you in 2012 may you find success in 2012 but the greatest success is learning to be the person God created you to be and to embrace the gifts he has given you. And for my fellow Authors, I hope to see many more of your books out in 2012 !

God Bless

Italian Blessing
May your life be like good wine, tasty, sharp and clear, and like good wine may it improve with every passing year.