Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Valleys Low, Mountains High

We all go through Valleys those places when we feel that our Spirit is dry and it needs a refreshing of the Spirit, I felt that way at the end of my time at my previous church not because of anything the Pastors did, in my opinion they should not have been called out the way they were, fellow members of the church people who called themselves Christian acted in a very unchrist like way, making accusations without the facts to back them up and hurting two of the sweetest people I ever knew, they were both kind and generous, and were called out of the church in a very negative way, but something postive did come out of all of this, after that we decided to move closer to my niece and nephew, which has been a blessing and a trial, getting an eleven year old to do homework is always fun, but I digress, the good thing is I went back to a church I had attended long ago when my niece was little, and I am once again getting that spiritual bread I needed, and my Spirit no longer feels as if it needs a major watering, which in itself is a blesisng.