Thursday, January 10, 2008

Encouraged to Be An Encourager

In Jill Briscoes book Spirtual Arts: Mastering the Disciplines for a Rich Spirtual Life Briscoe talks about how we need to be encouraged to be an encourager and I believe that is a large part of the reason I write what I do, whether it is fiction or non fiction, because I want to encourage others, I believe that is a large part of my calling as a Christian. I want to offer hope in situations that may seem impossible to get through with some but the fact of the matter is that what is impossible for man, is possible with God.I pray that I have offered at least a measure of encouragement to the people in my life, though I know there have been times when I have fallen short, times when I have failed, when I have let my flesh get into the way of the working of my Spirit.I know what it is to be encouraged as well, before I went through the death of my best friend, I did not think I could ever get through something like that, but with the comfort of family and friends, and especially with the comfort of the Lord I got through it, and as I write about it I am not only able to help myself heal, but maybe help someone who is going through something similar.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I Believe She Has a Place With Jesus

I Believe She Has A Place with Jesus
Thursday, December 27, 2007
Bhutto, a prominent opposition leader, was assassinated Thursday as she was leaving a political rally, part of her campaign for parliamentary elections scheduled for January 8.Police say a suicide bomber fired shots at Ms. Bhutto, then blew himself up seconds later, killing at least 20 other people. Ms. Bhutto was in an armored car at the moment of the attack, but was exposed, standing up in the sunroof and waving to her supporters. She was rushed to a hospital, but doctors could not revive her. She was 54 years old. hearing this news I have been reflecting and praying for this women who I have been following on and off for a few months now. I want to believe that heavens gates opened up to her because in the last monements of her life as she faced death she gave her heart to Jesus, but who am I to say one way or another, what I am going to say is I believe she was doing something good working to change the Pakinstani ways, and I believe in my heart that she does have a place with Jesus, just as Mary Magadelene did, and so many men and women who were not deserving, I believe Jesus was working in her heart from the very start.